Jim Dine, A History of Communism and Jim Dine: Printmaker 

10. Sep - 7. Oct 14 / ended Alan Cristea Gallery

Exhibition is FREE

Monday - Friday 10am - 5.30 pm Saturday 11am - 2pm (except August)

Exhibition | Prints | London

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A History of Communism is an extraordinary series of new prints by the seminal American artist Jim Dine made from lithographic stones found in what was previously a socialist art academy in the German Democratic Republic. Dine received the stones from his friends Sarah Dudley and Ulie Kuhle, lithographic printers based in Berlin. The recovered stones had been untouched for years and most intriguingly for the artist, still possessed 40 years’ worth of preserved images drawn by students under the oppressive regime.
Running at the gallery’s concurrent space is Jim Dine: Printmaker, a selection of recent editions and classic prints by the artist which tells the story of Dine’s fifty years as a printmaker. Naturally gifted and prolific, he made his first print at the age of seventeen and has since gone on to make prints in every conceivable medium.

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