Bryn Lloyd-Evans | Yana Naidenov, At The Edge of Town 

11. Jul - 30. Aug 14 / ended Josh Lilley Gallery

Exhibition | Sculpture | London

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Josh Lilley is thrilled to present the work of young British sculptors Yana Naidenov and Bryn Lloyd-Evans, in the exhibition At The Edge of Town.

The show’s title suggests a space on the fringes, a place where things can break down, where buildings get forgotten about, where abrasive behaviour manifests, and a culture of just hanging around occurs; long grass grows around concrete structures while industrial dilapidation engulfs an untended landscape. The title evokes a vibe or attitude; an essence that permeates both artists practices.

Yana Naidenov’s sculptures are built with rammed paper-pulp, and refer to an architecture that is at a geographical edge: abandoned Brutalist monuments, rammed-earth buildings, coastal bunkers, building sites interrupted by economic recession. The sculptures embody a sense of “ruins in reverse”, reminiscent of both an archeological site, and a building site. A sense of airiness has been ascribed to the bulk of the sculptures, as well as a sense of hiatus – in which the works could be about to collapse, or at the same time take flight. Widely speaking, the architectural – as a motif, serves as a mediation into an over-arching concern in her work, which is essentially ontological, and which remits the construction of reality into a field of doubt.

Bryn Lloyd-Evans’ work explores disruptive and indignant attitudes towards institutional standards; Graffitied ceiling tiles become parts of a shuffle puzzle, suggesting a gaze of boredom within buildings associated with this type of interior (offices, schools, waiting rooms). By stretching his sculpture’s material behaviour, and challenging such objects’ common associations, he creates politically charged artworks from fabricated and sourced materials. Flags wedged into fridge doors comment on certain perishing values in societal structures, flash drives caught in obscure plug guards examine issues of data loss, while the contorted pipes in his work explore the constrictive effect on individuals in collapsing industries.

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