Flowers and Figures : Diana Lamb 

21. Jul - 2. Aug 14 / ended The Anteros Arts Foundation


Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | South East

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After the Dog Died; Diana Lamb 2013

After the Dog Died; Diana Lamb 2013

Flowers and Figures: Diana Lamb

Diana Lamb returns to the Anteros Arts Foundation with a new body of work based on two of her favourite themes; the garden and the human form. She describes her practice of repeatedly exploring ideas that interest her as being "almost like a mantra" and in Flowers and Figures recurrent images recurrent images include the seasons, nature s abundance and familiar objects and people in Diana’s life.
Her distinctively free and expressive technique results in images which have a looseness and vitality that almost leap out of their frames. Diana reaches instinctively for the most appropriate materials to suit her subject matter, so ash stick and ink may be employed for a delicate study of an artichoke or printmaking and collage to illustrate a childhood memory. Shunning fads or fashions in art, Diana says she always tries to stay true to her own voice:
“My aim... Is to be honest and direct, not to be ‘tricky’. To draw and paint freely and expressively, to be serious about my work and to enjoy the working processes, however hard they seem!”

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