Take Me to Your Heaven - Eliza Lopez and Hester Jones 

4. Jul - 27. Jul 14 / ended The Atrium


Open weekends 12pm - 6pm

Exhibition | Installation | London

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Take Me to Your Heaven

Take Me To Your Heaven is an exhibition of works by Hester Jones and Elisa Noguera Lopez in response to “the domesticated” as a core concept. The works aim to arouse a dialogue between their different approaches to hierarchic structures and common interest in the creation of the social individual.

Hester's work is an ongoing investigation into constructed gendered identities in patriarchal society, and she is intrigued by the relationship between animals and human animals. You Take My Breath Away is a series of photographs inspired by an antique Indian trophy hunting photography album. Using found internet images she has constructed hybrid trophy hunting / “lads’ mag” photographs to probe gendered subjectivities, in which harmful media representations condition females to be submissive, sexual and available for the male gaze. The work draws attention to the oppression, objectification and commodification of women and animals in a hypermasculine society. www.hesterjones.com

Elisa's work explores how sensorial experience affects the way images are understood. In her ongoing project I belong she has used photography to frieze chicken's flexible body. Presenting the creature in a self-contained environment, saturated with colour and patterns, Elisa is interested in how once the creatures get dissociated from their usual form, their vitality and limberness is accentuated, the subject of the work gets abstracted and the gestures in the photograph become more apparent. www.enl.cc

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