Re-Construction, Walid Siti 

8. Jul - 23. Aug 14 / ended EOA.Testbed


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Exhibition | Painting | London

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Walid Siti, Dialogue Of Towers II, 2013, Acrylic On Canvas, 210 x 260 cm

Walid Siti, Dialogue Of Towers II, 2013, Acrylic On Canvas, 210 x 260 cm


EOA.PROJECTS is pleased to present Re-Construction, solo exhibition by renowned artist Walid Sitti.

This body of work, comprising paintings, works on paper and installations, was produced in 2013, with the purpose of exhibiting it together. The concept behind these works stems from Sitis concern with the ongoing process of change and transformation in the Middle East due to politics and war as well as the continuous human endeavor to reach the summit. The sociopolitical themes in Sitis work are influences from his homeland; atrocities of war, political upheaval and violence. He uses a monochromatic palette to align with the general theme of the work, Siti says "The balance of nature, the clash of confrontation is always black and white".

Pyramids, the Ziggurat, metaphorical mountains and ladders, referred to as that ancient tool for climbing, continue to form essential parts of Sitis visual vocabulary. Each of these forms has a powerful symbolic meaning, and their deconstruction in the work conveys the concept of a shift from their former position within a historical cultural tradition to a complex contemporary form, with the ensuing transformation from order to disorder and vice versa. The work creates a visual metaphor for dislocation and disorientation, where new potential has been unleashed in a fragile and troubled landscape that is witnessing rapid social change, shifting power structures, inept development and an uncertain future.

Address: EOA.Projects, 40 Elcho St, SW11 4AU

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