16. May - 20. May 14 / ended Truman Brewery

Exhibition | Painting | London

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Street artist Mobstr’s ‘collection of thoughts’ is brought within walls for the very first time in his upcoming show Sex Drugs and Painting Canvases.

The exhibition runs 15-20 May at the Old Truman Brewery, in the heart of London’s East End. This entirely new series of black and white text based works lend a sharp perspective to Contemporary Art as we tend to see it, through the artist’s trademark caustic commentary.

Alongside this broad series of new text-based works, the artist will incorporate a number of projections and large-scale, site-specific, sculptural installations, responding to the space as well as to the themes perpetrated on canvas.

Although this is Mobstr’s inaugural foray into the indoor gallery format, he already has a strong sales history, with works in major collections throughout Europe.

Perhaps best known for “The Story”, a project spanning six months and taking place on Jerome Street in East London, Mobstr’s works have converged on one thematic core: our urban environment and our inherent relationship with it.

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