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DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Andrei Dubravsky entitled Do You Want To Live Like Me? present in the gallery. The installation includes a series of large, spanned and non-covered acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, the moist, indicate sentimental, traditional landscapes and show romantic figurative pictures outdoors, the act forcefully self-aware and striking provocative in its execution.

"Andrej Dubravsky comes from Bratislava, the capital of a small Central European country far away, even though Vienna from the epicenter of the art world - once magnificent capital of a great empire - is right next door. The dreams of these more famous neighboring town from its own cultural Rank - paradoxically, it is believed there still liked that they had invented the modern world when it was discovered sexual neuroses and tension as the driving force and the scene of the contemporary in the modern sense - advanced almost to the day, a hundred years, with the outbreak of the First World War, to the cultural edge. Out of this world, where time has stood still a little, provincial in the best sense of this place comes with Andrej Dúbravskýs painting a sophisticated art designed for that very reason shines forth from the danger of contemporary hedonism. [...]

In Andrej Dúbravskýs sound paintings, in fact, older worlds of expression by which the artistic revolution that was triggered in Vienna and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Mueller in Dresden a century ago by Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka. The latter two were members of the pioneering group of artists who worked in Dresden in 1910 and under the name The bridge is known. [...] The best of those now seem to have been created in the distant past images are all full of naked bathers and other scenes of subjective sexuality and tension that reflect the obsessive interest of time at the border crossing. In the representation of sexuality while there are constants of human eroticism, but also that elusive something called Zeitgeist and the special shades reproduces in style as content, which account for a time, their freedoms and repressions and the special atmosphere of a place . Freedoms as Andrej Dubravsky they perceive and can represent pictorially, the downside of this Imperative - he is also an expression and even prisoner of his, you will probably be able to say, dangerous and very personal way of thinking - and he shows quite like Vladimir Nabokov, who in another time Lolita and people drew around her, no intention of us, his viewers to divorce them. Sometimes it takes the politically Incorrect, to arrive at original insights into the truth of the human soul. [...] "

The text excerpts are from an essay by the curator and art historian Sir Norman Rosenthal on the work of Andrej Dubravsky published in the current issue of the first and TVTOR magazine.

Andrej Dubravsky (born 1987) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Bratislava with a degree in painting. Dúbravskýs work has been exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions in Europe as well as among others in group exhibitions in New York, Buenos Aires and Tokyo. One of his works was included in the collection of the Slovak National Gallery recently.

DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM is, with an essay by Daniel Schreiber, publish a catalog of the exhibition. The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday 11 to 18 clock. On the weekend of May 3 to 4, the gallery opening times extended 11-19 clock. For media inquiries or further information, please contact David Khalat,

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