Donna White's IMAGINARIUM 

7. Jun - 15. Jun 14 / ended South Hill Park Arts Centre


Exhibition | Painting | South East

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The Persistence of Memory

The Persistence of Memory

‘Imaginarium’ exhibition by artist Donna White shows an entirely new style of art in multiple dimensions

On the 6th of June, South African visual artist Donna White will be opening her ‘Imaginarium’ art show at Bracknell Gallery, South Hill Park Arts Centre. This solo exhibition is the culmination of a ten-year journey of artistic development. The artworks on show will range from portraiture to sculpture to abstract art. Together, they explore the microcosmic to the galactic, and utilise the latest technologies, including virtual reality with the Oculus Rift, as well as an entirely new style of painting in multiple dimensions. With her artwork, Donna White aims to explore the spaces in which we exist, and their metaphorical transfer onto the two-dimensional plane of the canvas surface.

In her own words, Donna White describes the show as follows: “Discover a side to art you may never have considered: from long-extinct Dodos to the cutting edge of virtual reality. Explore the geometry of crop circles, the lyricism of string theory, and get lost in the 3D spaces of 2D abstracts. This is what happens when you colour outside the lines.”

Welcoming art lovers of all ages, the ‘Imaginarium’ will be opening on 6th June with a private view and will be accessible for two weeks only.

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