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22. Feb - 15. Jun 14 / ended National Portrait Gallery


Exhibition | Painting | London

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The National Portrait Gallery is commemorating the centenary of the First World War with a four-year programme of exhibitions, displays, public events and learning projects. The two major activities in 2014 are The Great War in Portraits, a free exhibitio

In viewing the First World War through images of the many individuals involved, The Great War in Portraits looks at the radically different roles, experiences and, ultimately, destinies of those caught up in the conflict.

Setting the scene in 1914, the splendour and formality of portraits of national leaders are contrasted with a press photograph of Gavrilo Princip, the 19-year-old assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The narrative unfolds with power-portraits of commanders Haig, Foch and Hindenburg, asserting military authority, which are displayed together with dignified pictures of their troops by artists including Orpen, Sickert and Nevinson. Finally, images of heroes and medal-winners are shown alongside the wounded and the fallen, representing the bitter-sweet nature of a war in which valour and selfless endeavour were qualified by disaster and suffering.

From paintings and drawings to photography and film, the exhibition considers a wide range of visual responses to ‘the war to end all wars’, culminating in the visual violence of Expressionist masterpieces by Beckmann and Kirchner.

Please note that the exhibition can be busy at evenings and weekends.

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ArtRabbit Team 

Four Stars From TimeOut

by ArtRabbit Team 08.05.14 17:33

'You don't leave with any sense of the glory of war, but you do feel closer to the story. These soldiers become more human. And in the process, you do too.' - Time Out

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