The Presence of Absence 

15. May - 16. May 14 / ended the gallery on the corner


Exhibition | Photography | London

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Four emerging artists collaborate to show their deep and emotive works based around the element of loosing someone or the feeling of loosing someone close to them. The works have been curated to bring to life to “The Presence of Absence” within their lives, with keen interest in bringing people together to evoke their feelings of loss and tragedy.
The four works comprise of still lives to portraits of loved ones, to abstract and melancholic look upon death and how it can effect people. This is the first exhibition that the artists have collaborated together on and their works speak volumes of emotion,they are dealing with their loss through the use of their art and photographic work.
The four artists are Leanne Ward a documentary photographer, Leanne Ward’s work is about the loss of her brother Lewis, who died August 2013 at fourteen. He died from a brain disease, a rare condition called ALD (Adrenolukodystrophy.) Leanne has decided to focus on still life’s around the home and the changes that have happened since Lewis’ death, but also the feeling of him still being around even though he is no longer physically there. She wanted to create a more domestic piece of work keeping it personal and intimate. Lauren Rooney an editorial and portrait photographer, takes emotive portraits of her sister and her mother swell a self portrait of them crying whilst speaking about the loss of her father in a car accident, her works will also be supported by an installation of the questions she asked her family about her father. Beckie Smith’s work is a heart wrenching series about the passing of her Grandad and how such has affected her life. Finally Tariana Pestana’s work is portraying in an abstract way the state of mind of Melancholia with similarities and differences to the loss/mourning feeling, in which not necessarily the loved one has past away. Her fear of loss and constant knowledge of the existing or future absence from someone's life are present on her life and having to deal with it inside.

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