On Liveness: Pre/During/Post 

10. Apr - 10. Apr 14 / ended Tate Modern

£8 (£5 concessions)

18.30 – 20.30

Event | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Hayley Newman, Volcano Lady 2007

Hayley Newman, Volcano Lady 2007

What is liveness and how can we understand it?

How can performance challenge how we think about time and space?

What do we understand by performativity in contemporary society?
This first event in the new Talks series aims to address several key questions about the nature of performance and the notion of liveness, arising from the ongoing BMW Tate Live Performance Room and Performance Events programme at Tate.
Refreshing the debate on liveness is vital today - in an age of mass media sensory overload, how can we make sense of live events? Liveness is associated to concepts of immersion and being engrossed in activity. We don’t know what’s going to happen next. This somewhat unpredictable, performative nature of the live is perhaps key to its excitement and power. How do we remember and contextualise the present for those who are not there to experience it themselves? In other words - How do we keep the live event alive?

This inspirational panel brings together author of Liveness: Performance in a Mediatized Culture Philip Auslander, experimental director and performer Fiona Templeton and BMW Tate Live artist Cally Spooner to explore experiences of time, memory and concentration in relation to liveness. The evening includes a provocation filmed specially for the event from journalist and broadcaster Jon Snow. Chaired by contemporary art curator and critic Chantal Pontbriand.

Contemporary performance practice in a mediatised age often consciously blurs the boundaries of temporality, challenging audience expectations of what and when a live moment is, what is documented and when documentation takes place. Therefore, how can the richness of a live event endure through documentation and the ephemera of performance? How can archives create a site for remembering and evidencing the live? What is the role of the artist in creating the legacy of their own performance?

Offering a critical and engaging look at the themes explored by the artists taking part in BMW Tate Live 2014, Talks invites the public to join in these discussions and to consider the social and cultural context of performance today.

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