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Image credit: Lu Xinjian. Courtesy of Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai

Image credit: Lu Xinjian. Courtesy of Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai

Open Studio: 6 - 11 May

Following on from 'The Temporary:01' exhibition at ARTicle Gallery, Birmingham, curator Rachel Marsden will be further exploring all things "temporary" during a three week long research residency at CFCCA.

‘The Temporary’ is a new transcultural exchange platform and social intervention space examining the notion of “temporary” experience in art, architecture, design, music, sound, performance and culture between China and the UK.
Transitory and momentary happenings in which art, exhibitions, events, performances, spaces, buildings and architecture are produced and developed, opened and closed, created and destroyed, and only in part documented for the future, have defined what has been coined as China’s century. 'The Temporary' aims to be reflective of this fast-paced global change whilst critiquing curatorial methods of display in China in contrast to those in the UK.

‘The Temporary’ looks to “connect the dots that people can’t see”, bridging global cultures, and establishing new “transcultural” exchange through premiering new works to international audiences.
Taking place in Birmingham and Manchester, ‘The Temporary: 01’ is the inaugural exhibition, examining “temporary” daily negotiations of space and place within cityscapes, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London, Birmingham, Manchester, LA, Wolverhampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Bristol, Rimini, Berlin, and Amsterdam; architectures (of change) and urban development, and the influence of sound on experiences between China, East Asia and the West, through collaborations between artists, photographers, architects, designers and musicians.
'The Temporary: 01' is the practical presentation and outcome of five years of PhD research by CFCCA's Research Curator Rachel Marsden, into the translation through interpretation of contemporary Chinese art in the West since 1980, specifically the notion of a transcultural curator and transcultural curatorial practice, in addition to her experiences of living, working and researching in China, largely Shanghai, from 2009 to 2012.

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