Vulcan Point 

12. Apr - 27. Apr 14 / ended Embassy Gallery

12 - 6 Daily

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | Scotland

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Claire Davies
Pil and Galia Kollectiv
Ditte Gantriis
Eva Papamargariti
Tom Smith

Accompanying text Yalta Scotland by James Clegg
Accompanying music by Macintosh Plus

"The three designers thus entered in to Gomyko’s secret project, a commission that promised to save them from the recession and the bathetic post-collage collapse of their creative ideals. Leaving the office, pleased that at least one small part of his plan had fallen in to place, Gromyko’s mind churned up a troubling story: Lavadia Palace and people with bullet holes in their heads listening from the rooftops to plans for a new world and revelling in the imperial drives of the supposed Communists."

- extract from Yalta Scotland by James Clegg

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