I'm a Photographer, get me out of here! 

15. Apr - 3. May 14 / ended Orso Major Gallery

Exhibition | Photography | London

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Photograph by Richard Chambury

Photograph by Richard Chambury

With 40 years of experience photographing the world's fame junkies, from A to Z lister, miles upon miles of red carpet, screaming fans, Royal weddings, funerals and babies, ď Iím A Photographer Get Me Out Of Here" was always the call from photographers Doug Peters & Richard Chambury as they felt the need to escape the utter madness of Planet Celebrity and reconnect with what made them want to pick up a camera in the first place.
The artists share the same need to create images far removed from what they are required to capture on a daily basis. The images brought together in this joint exhibition show just how far they have gone to exorcise their showbiz demons

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