Nine Lives: New work by Teifi Artists Group 

1. Apr - 28. Apr 14 / ended Art Matters


10am to 5pm, Closed on Wednesdays

Exhibition | Painting | Wales

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The wildness by Helen Gillam

The wildness by Helen Gillam

Nine Lives of the Teifi Artists’ Group

The lives of nine separate artists, each with their own interests and talents, informed by education and training and nuanced by current concerns, here are represented by a selection of their art in a single exhibition in Tenby.
“Nine Lives” will be shown at The White Lion Street Gallery in April. The work is by members of the small and local Teifi Artists’ group (TAG) which has met regularly since it started in the late 1990s. Its invited membership exchanges information and ideas as well as providing a mutually supportive network.
The current members produce work in a wide variety of modern and traditional styles: some work is figurative (ie. representational), others are more abstract. All the artists have considerable experience in handling paint, and many are also skilled photographers, printmakers, batik and collage makers, and tutors.
Sixty works, nine artists. This exhibition doesn’t have an over-arching theme: it provides a snapshot of current practice amongst a dedicated and serious group of artists in west Wales, a small slice of their artistic endeavour.
Carole King explores space and depth both in illusion and physical reality. Rockpool seaweeds in heightened colour show the delicate forms as though through a magnifying glass, and domestic interiors are painted in relief, a device redolent of stage sets and pop-up books.
With drawing being the foundation of all his work, Glenn Ibbitson focuses on realistic representations of the human figure and landscape, this being the debut for his drawings at the gallery. Using graphite or charcoal with white acrylic he shows a series called ‘faultlines’ alongside other detailed landscape features and nude figures.
The concerns of Helen Gillam are environmental, social and political. She divides her time between ‘planting trees, growing food, making, painting, and working as a therapist’. Her work ‘responds with dark humour to how humans value or devalue each other and our earth’. Russian dolls, figures floating like balloons, humans with animal heads and antique costumes are shown here.
The garden and the natural landscape inspire Philippa Sibert’s work. She often builds up layers and textures with different materials and media to evoke passages of time and memory: subtle semi-abstract pieces result, often including a realistic plant reference. For this exhibition she brings monotypes.
Peter Rossiter, also influenced by the landscape, is currently concerned with both the processes of painting and the philosophical questions that arise. He describes the subconscious artistic process as verging on the chaotic but capable of producing images to surprise and delight the mind and to evoke ‘gut’ responses. His work here delights with a set of figurative landscapes and a duo of abstract pieces.
The coastal areas of west Wales inspire Wendy Evans. She uses the difficult, time- consuming traditional method of applying molten wax and dye to cotton cloth to make contemporary batik landscapes in rich, soft colours.
Once an Industrial and Architectural Designer and Illustrator, now a full-time painter, Nigel Pugh shows four large paintings using either oil, watercolour or acrylic, rich in colour with contrasting areas of complex detail – with not a building feature in sight...
Diane Walkey, painter, illustrator, printmaker and photographer, brings unique collagraphs of crows, and paintings in impasto oils with wax resist of sea- and landscapes.
Chosen as Artist-in-residence for the beautiful concert venue at Rhosygilwen, Andie Clay will have ample opportunity to explore even further her theme based on music. Her mixed media work catches physical movement and rhythmical sounds in spare lines, graduated colour and symbolic detail to produce exciting and harmonious pieces.
“Nine Lives” represents both the individual artists and the integrity of this group. The exhibition runs from 1st to 28th April at the gallery in White Lion Street in Tenby with a meet-the-artists opportunity Saturday 5th April from 2-4pm. The gallery is open from 10am to 5pm every day except for Wednesdays and everyone is welcome. View the exhibition on and for further information telephone 01834-843375.

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