Between the lines 

28. Mar - 27. Apr 14 / ended cueB Gallery


10am - 4.30pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Between the lines

The starting point for this body of work was the artist’s personal relation to academic literature.
Being herself Korean, academic English literature felt uncomfortable and alienating for a non-English reader and student. Cold and intimidating, and with a very formal and
non-visual layout, these texts have been incorporated in the artists practice with her own very imagination. Academic books are usually read by students as part of their research.
The reading experience is therefore not usually linked to the personal experience of pleasure and emotion. This public literature has been transformed into private texts with drawings.

The collection exemplifies a transition from public to private objects, intimate, and fantastic imaginary universes. By incorporating drawings in these pages, the artist is encouraging the viewer to experience and elaborate an understanding of the text beyond academic reading, as a humorous and playful experience.

For more information and images please contact Franco La Russa at

cueB Gallery
325 Brockley Road
London SE4 2QZ

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