Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain 

5. Apr - 21. Jun 14 / ended G39

11am - 5pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | Wales

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Catrin Davies and Lewis Wright, Rising Tide (detail), installation, 3 x 3m, 2013

Catrin Davies and Lewis Wright, Rising Tide (detail), installation, 3 x 3m, 2013

The title of the show, outside its literal meaning, is a mnemonic for ordering the colours of the rainbow. Each word has a function outside its meaning. Richard = red, Battle = blue. The words are 'stand-ins' for other images. Mnemonics are used to aid recall, but rather than simplifying they add another layer of complexity to a phrase.

The artists in the show tread similar ground; Prouvost adds a layer of narrative to simple objects, the pace, whimsy and charm of which often contradict the images onscreen. Drawing equally from the world of symbolism and metaphor, Catrin & Lewis produce still lives that refer to classical paintings where an object stands in for a bigger narrative and the painted surface becomes a code to crack. They assemble physical still lives and flood them with pigment. Jorge Lizalde has been working on the Mnemonic series for a number of years. His work looks at the way we remember and how we recall events. In this series, short films are created from online resources in response to participants early memories.

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