WHERE I SLEEP | Group exhibition 

20. Feb - 22. Mar 14 / ended The Invisible Line

1 pm - 7 pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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 still from Design Disasters' video _ Netta Peltola & Sine Ringgaard

still from Design Disasters' video _ Netta Peltola & Sine Ringgaard

Sleep is sacred. It’s sacred by virtue of being the most vulnerable moment in the life of a creature, and usually taking place in a place we call home-- and homes are where we are most honest about our fears and desires. They are a private space we share with our family and/or strangers. We sleep in our beds, where most sin with pleasure, or are left alone with their dreams; dreams that can quickly turn into nightmares and if we’re lucky we wake up from them, reaching for -and finding- a glass of cold water. The artists in this show share their homes, their place of dreams and their fears, anxieties, and calm instances of self-examinations through painting, video and photography.

Curated by Tara Aghdashloo

Matthew Humphreys
It’s called a Living Room, as in many houses that is where life happens. Humphreys' attentive camera captures a lucid rendition of this most central part of a household, where bodies share couches, share television, share news and information and personal stories that shape them. Humphreys' practice and philosophical approach are mainly concerned with communication and language, melancholia, memory and perception. He works and lives in the UK and recently completed his MA of Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.

Amin Roshan
For Roshan, his home is a country of stigma. Of oil and families. Of oil and friends. Of oil and wars. In his brilliantly composed paintings he tackles the familiarities around him, creating a juxtaposition that is both inviting and contradictory. Roshan was born in the Naftoon district of ‘Masjed Soleiman’ in south west Iran. An area rich with oil (naft means oil in Persian) as well as the luxury and calamities that come with it. The dark aesthetics and fragrance of oil seeped into his home and family life, as it does in his works. Roshan has had a number of successful solo and group exhibitions in France, Britain, UAE and around Iran.

Daniele Pasinetti
Pasinetti’s daring compositions and brisk technique are a peak into the simultaneous violence and beauty he sees around him. From historic moments to the most private affairs, Pasinetti strips his subjects’ inhibitions, revealing parts of human nature and the nature of desire that are lost otherwise. By personally modelling in most of his photos and in nude, Pasinetti invites the audience into his tragic humour and an uncomfortably honest imagination. Pasinetti lives and works in Italy.

Netta Peltola and Sine Ringgaard
A strong duo of makers and enthusiasts based in London, Peltola and Ringgaard describe their approach in Design Disasters as a production of communication. The project is a reflection on whatever enhances and embraces “everyday disasters”, transforming seeming faults and errors into a positive and uplifting outlook. As collaborators, they create and contain an environment that they have complete control over, and reconfigure daily irritations to beautiful and significant incidents.

The exhibition runs until March 22nd, 2014

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Kollier Din-Bangura | Director
Tara Aghdashloo | Art Director - Curator


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