Felix Sefton Delmer: Blue 

22. Feb - 29. Mar 14 / ended North House Gallery


Open on Saturdays 10am-5pm or other times by appointment

Exhibition | Painting | South East

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Felix Sefton Delmer, Blue diptych.

Felix Sefton Delmer, Blue diptych.


Following on from Felix Sefton Delmer's show PAINT at North House Gallery which has been defying winter with the gorgeous colours of the monochrome paintings, the next show, as the name suggests, is focusing solely on the blues.

Cobalt, Ultramarine, Prussian, Cerulean, Antwerp, Indigo, Manganese, Phtalo, and Oriental, are some of the blue pigments available to painters. Each pigment has its own unique properties and qualities. I have no preference for one colour over another. I think of colours as how the keys on a piano must be for a musician. These paintings are my blue notes. The constant fluctuation and quality of light acting on pigment alters the colour perception of the human eye. The density of pigment in the medium, the method of application and the effect of light over time, are the factors that constitute the essence of these paintings.


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