Daniel Ablitt - Untold Stories 

14. Mar - 1. Apr 14 / ended McAllister Thomas Fine Art

Exhibition | Painting | South East

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Daniel Ablitt

Daniel Ablitt

McAllister Thomas are extremely proud to be staging Daniel Ablitt’s third solo exhibition. A body of work that has been a year in the making and promises to be a significant step forward in his creative journey.

‘Untold Stories’ further explores the continuing themes of memory and place, which are at the core of Daniels dreamlike paintings.

Daniel’s work is often likened to the paintings of Peter Doig: it has a magical or unreal quality that can leave the viewer with more questions than answers.

Having artistic parents, Daniel quickly learned to appreciate the surrounding beauty of nature. He grew up a sleepy village in the heart of rural Somerset and this, coupled with long family trips through Europe in a camper van, nurtured the ability to daydream, allowing his mind and eye to wander as one – an ability invaluable to any artist.

Formal fine art training took place in Edinburgh and Cheltenham. After a short break as a stone conservator, Daniel returned to his true calling and has been a full time artist ever since. We asked him to provide us with an insight into his thoughts and creative thinking:

“The inspiration nearly always comes from the past – predominantly childhood memories but also from recent experiences. Sometimes from an event which has had a profound emotional impact. I tend not to ‘sketch’ as such. I find that an important part of the process of my painting is the initial exploration of the blank canvas. Drawing with the paint, letting the image come from my mind freely without being influenced by a previous creative process. Emotional engagement is inescapable in my paintings – they just wouldn’t happen without it. I believe that all painting that does not have this run the risk of becoming an exercise in aesthetics – skilful but essentially empty. I want my paintings to depict glimpses of a kind of 'beauty' that might otherwise be missed or too easily forgotten.”

Daniel also believes that completing the painting is down to experience: knowing when to stop. “I still get this wrong sometimes and return the next morning to a piece that the night before I thought looked great but in the morning is in fact ruined!”

As with many artists, music can play a large part in the creative process. “Depending on the piece I can be utterly mesmerized by Bach cello suites or dancing and stomping around the studio to Jack White at full volume.”

Daniel Albitt's practice is subtly melancholic and intimate in scene, his works draw the viewer in to a somewhat fantastical and dream-like world, prompting recollections of childhood as well as encouraging new and imagined possibilities.

The exhibition runs from the 14th March until the 1st April 2014.

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