Gilda's House 

28. Feb - 22. Mar 14 / ended OCCUPY MY TIME GALLERY


Thursday-Saturday 12.00-6.00pm

Exhibition | Installation | London

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Gilda Acrylic on Wood 2012

Gilda Acrylic on Wood 2012

Sue Cohen Presents Gilda's House at Enclave Gallery

Sue Cohen
Gilda’s House
Enclave Gallery

28th February- 22nd March

Private View 28th February 6.00-9.00pm

‘The idea is that remembrance is warm and sentimental, in reality for some the past is often a dark mysterious place where events were harsh and lives endured absorbed in secrets frequently to atrocious to divulge.
From this background stories are told by the courageous who feel the need to exorcise the ghosts of the predecessors. These stories passed down like Chinese whispers, are kept as trophies by the contemporary generation, digested and retold in a climate of discussion, safety and support. For those whose lives repeat the past they are trapped in a cycle of events that cannot be broken. Their stories are not told but lived.’

Gilda’s House
Gilda a fictitious character is the focus of my work that has presented itself in sculpture, painting and installation.
A continuing series of works that explore the stories and events through a narrative that often has a shady undercurrent. Eventful and sometimes dangerous Gilda’s life is a masterpiece of survival. She is the reference to assimilation, survival, departure ‘The Other’. Othering is imperative to national identities, where practices of admittance and segregation can form and sustain boundaries and national character. Othering helps distinguish between home and away, the uncertain or certain. It often involves the demonization and dehumanization of groups, which further justifies attempts to civilize and exploit these 'inferior' others. The connection between Gilda’s House and the ‘Other’ manifests itself in the narratives of Gilda life which crosses boundaries conventions and morals. Her journey has taken her across seas and continents Gilda’s House has been part of her existence, human experience, survival and assimilation and will be the main theme of this narrative. As ‘othering’ has political, economic, social and psychological connotations and implications, her narrative considers all of these elements through a correlation of stories and events that are placed in history, myth and legend. However this is not a story board of events but a political commentary on the lives of the ‘other’ the people born outside normal society that take a voyage through life that is troubling but triumphant in survival

Sue Cohen is Director of OCCUPY MY TIME GALLERY
As an artist run space my position as director and curator has been concerned with the role of the artist in the gallery environment and how the space relates to the artists proposals and traditions. The gallery has played a function in engaging with the practitioner, to promote ideas and working practice that encourages the production and construction of work, in a manner that outweighs the commercial and focuses on the fabrication of interaction and communication. My assiduousness as a visual artist has also focused on these philosophies. Gilda’s House explores that interaction that engages with the audience through a narrative that encompasses the viewer with events that question our ethics and beliefs systems.

Enclave Gallery
Resolution Way Deptford SE8 4NT Open Thursday - Sat : 12pm - 6pm
Contact Sue Cohen for further details at Tel: 07931 536327

Nearest Train Station: Deptford: Overground. Deptford Bridge: DLR New Cross: London Overground. Bus: 188, 47, 199

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