6. Feb - 11. Feb 14 / ended Espacio Gallery

Thurs-Mon 1-7, Tues 1-5, closed Wednesday

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Our very first responses to the visual world when we are born are to the strong contrasts of black and white. Only as we grow do we become attuned to all the shades in between and develop a sophisticated understanding and response to the vibrant, rich spectrum of colours around us. Each of the artists in the show has composed a unique response to the theme of colour according to culture, experience, and exposure and ‘this vibrant show is a perfect antidote to a grey February day’ says exhibition organiser Sally Grumbridge,

Terry Beard, Christine Calow, Laurence Causse–Parsley, Coulsoom Devon, Zelda Eady, Cate Field, Paul Flint,
Sarah Fosse, Pamela Gerrie, Sally Grumbridge,
Laura Gompertz, Stephanie Herbert,
Pia Randall-Goddard, Joss Rossiter, Tina Vijoen

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