The Edge of England by Clive Dunn 

10. Feb - 22. Feb 14 / ended Mandells Gallery

Free of Charge

10:00am - 5:00pm

Exhibition | Photography | South East

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The Edge of England by Clive Dunn

An exhibition of digital art photographs by Norwich film-maker Clive Dunn, evoking moods, memories and textures from a country past. Drawing on years of story-telling experience, Clive’s photographs are captured moments of a bigger narrative; fragments of time and place on the edge of memory.

‘I am attracted to the remote and forgotten parts of England. Ruins and vistas of rarely trodden land that echo a mysterious history, mythology or folklore carry a particular fascination for me,’ says Clive. ‘I began my working life as a cartographic draughtsman for the Ordnance Survey and that laid the foundation for my life-long love of maps, landscape and topography.’

From an artistic standpoint, his photography holds a spiritual resonance too; from Christian places of worship to Celtic shrines – stone circles and medieval churches make regular appearances in his pictures.

Across landscapes to still life, Clive Dunn’s photography embraces a unique tranquility. Despite the diversity of subject matter, the work conveys similar intrinsic beauties that are an attempt to reflect isolation as well as attraction and a sense of shared history with the viewer.

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