Felix Sefton Delmer: Paint 

25. Jan - 22. Feb 14 / ended North House Gallery


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Exhibition | Painting | South East

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Felix Sefton Delmer, 828grams. Pigment and acrylic medium, 32x32cm.

Felix Sefton Delmer, 828grams. Pigment and acrylic medium, 32x32cm.

It is a great privilege to be filling North House Gallery (twice over) with the new monochrome paintings of Felix Sefton Delmer: nominally monochrome but in fact built up with many layers of paint, all of which inform the final surface. Variously heavy with pigment and medium, they are named by their weight. The small red painting here, measuring only 32x32cm, is called 828grams. The first show will defy winter with a whole range of eye-thrilling and mouth-watering colours and the second will focus on the blues.

Monochrome painting is a shared modernist language that many painters both past and present have worked with. The list is almost endless: Kazimir Malevich, Yves Klein, Rothko, Ad Reinhart, Barnett Newman, Robert Ryman, Gerhard Richter, Joseph Marioni, Phil Sims, Marcia Hafif, Rudolf De Crignis, Jacob Kassay, Jason Martin, and Gunter Umberg (who has made it his life’s work to almost exclusively paint with the colour black). These are just some of the painters whose work has included the Monochrome.

The act of applying paint and colour to a support, is the essence of painting: the synthesis of paint, pigments, and the effect of light. The shifting subtleties and changing relationships between these elements, for me, is what painting is.

Decision making is kept to a minimum. It is my response to paints - poiesis - that which "produces or leads (a thing) into being'".

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