Always in the Vanguard | Women Russian Artists In & Out of Russia in the 21st Century 

9. Jan - 1. Feb 14 / ended Albemarle Gallery

Exhibition | Painting | London

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Always In the Vanguard

Marina Alexeeva, Dasha Fursey, Olga Kroytor, Anya Myagkikh, Olga Tobreluts, Masha Trebukova,
Marina Usacheva

The artists in this exhibition are very different from one another. Some are well known, and are fully established internationally. Others are young enough not to have had any direct experience of the old Soviet art system. It is very difficult to make any direct stylistic comparisons. If I was looking for things held in common, one of the things that strikes me is a common interest in the visually transformative – the fluidity of appearances. Also, very often, is interest in some kind of narrative, even in abstract work. One can perhaps go just a little further, and say an interest in visual magic.|

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