Prints Charming 

4. Dec - 14. Jan 14 / ended SOCK Gallery


Mon-Fri 9-5pm, Sun 11-3pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | Midlands

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A collaborative exhibition by Sue Bulmer, Helen Hallows and Fiona Wilson

Sue Bulmer, Helen Hallows and Fiona Wilson all share a love of working
with mixed media and create pieces to connect and inspire.
Helen Hallows works in ink, collage and stitch, with her current series of
landscapes being inspired by the hills and dales of Derbyshire and
Nottinghamshire. The works engage the viewer in a narrative of place and
Helen hopes that you will pause and ponder the every day beauty that
surrounds us.
Sue Bulmer creates original ink illustrations, with a diverse subject matter,
from flora and fauna and rolling landscapes, to the more heartfelt moments
of love, relationships and the connections we have with others in our lives.
Fiona Wilson uses wood, thread and collograph prints on paper to bring to
life her imaginative world of kings, queens, knights with horses, ballerinas
and circus men. Each character is a limited run of either five or ten and, as
everything is created by hand, and due to the nature of the print process,
no two pieces are ever quite the same.

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