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13. Apr - 13. Apr 15 / ends in 163 days Bristol's City Museum & Art Gallery


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Image: Mark Titchner, 2013. Source: 'Narcissus', Circa 1500,  oil on panel. Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives collection

Image: Mark Titchner, 2013. Source: 'Narcissus', Circa 1500, oil on panel. Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives collection

Mark Titchner: A Naiad

A Naiad, is a major new public art work by Turner Prize nominee Mark Titchner. The work which shall be launched on the 12th April 2013 at Bristol’s M Shed, will be on view to the public free from the 13th April.

A Naiad is based upon a redundant piece of machinery, a Victorian reduction gear, which the artist found in the store at M Shed, and which was earmarked for disposal. The reduction gear, which weighs around 1.5 tonnes and is 2 metres in height, has been used to form the basis of a hybrid machine, which has been re-engineered to represent Bristol’s dominant feature, water. A set of polished steel discs - referring to the tidal lunar cycle – move through an accelerated sequence symbolising the violent tidal motion of the New Cut. The Floating Harbour’s fixed yet tensioned stasis is depicted in the form of a circular pool which is mechanically vibrated, providing a constantly shifting surface. Together these elements present Bristol’s two key water bodies in their contradictory states in a work that is part tidal clock and part absurdist machinery.

The sculpture is named after the Naiads from Greek Mythology, (from the Ancient Greek word ‘Ναϊάδες’), which were a type of water nymph (female spirit) that presided over fountains, wells, springs, and other bodies of water. The title was chosen by the artist to evoke the works aquatic theme.

Film Programme:

As part of the launch of ‘A Naiad’, a number of films works by the artist will be shown on the BBC Big Screen at Millennium Square on the 12th April (5.00 – 6.30pm) and during Harbourside Arts Weekend which runs from 3rd – 6th May (every 20 minutes). The films include two multi-dimensional digital works entitled ‘Love and Work’, ‘UP!’, and ‘Fear of Life’.

‘A Naiad’ has been curated and produced by Aldo Rinaldi, Senior Public Art Officer (Bristol City Council), in partnership with Aardman, working with a steering group including Julia Carver, Curator of Visual Art (Bristol Museum & Art Gallery); Katy Hallet, Public Art Commissioner (Sustrans); Lucy Badrocke, Assistant Curator: Exhibitions (Arnolfini); Alf Perry (Perry Consulting) and David Sproxton, Peter Lord and Aardman staff.

A programme of events, including talks and tours will accompany the exhibit. See www.bristol.gov.uk/museums for information

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