“Art & the Environment” 

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“Art & the Environment”

Off the Wall’s first exhibition of the New Year is a mixed show that focuses on the world we inhabit and how various artists are inspired and portray it.. Those artists include: Stuart Ellis, Lesley Jones, Janine Thompson, Louise Collis, Sue Rowe, Maja Grecic, Matt Forster, Howard Jones, Gareth Jones, Phil Davis, Victoria Horkan & Vernon Jones.

Off the Wall, showcases modern, contemporary art which features work of the highest quality from some of the most talented artists in Wales, the UK and from overseas.

Victoria Horkan

Victoria Horkan’s work offers a bold, vibrant and expressive milieu of forms and colours that falls somewhere between the realms of impressionism, abstraction and expressionism. Taking inspiration from the natural world, her paintings make reference to creatures from the sky and sea. Yet her work is by no means directly representational and alludes to subjects such as birds and butterflies by offering a mere suggestion of their forms rather than any literal and realistic transcriptions.

She playfully engages with scale and perspective, making large what is typically small but her central focus is on colour, gesture and mark making. Pure, bright colours that are set in sharp contrasts of light and dark, warm and cold are combined with loose, distinct brushstrokes that resonate strongly with the impressionist tradition. These strong, confidently placed marks are the sign of an assured and mature artist and the manner in which they are applied creates a sense of movement, giving the work an energetic, flickering quality that is particularly evident in her underwater scenes. Horkan is indeed fascinated by the idea of transcribing sensation and used to sit in the dance studios at Bretton Hall College in order to try and capture the dancers’ movements through sketching.

Phil Davis

Phil Davis was born in 1982 and lives in the West Midlands, studying Fine Art and Sculpture at Loughborough University where he completed his degree in 2004.

Phil began his career as a commercial artist, his early work depicting local rural and urban scenes and places he visited on his travels abroad, particularly Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. His work uses intense, bold colours as a way of reflecting a childlike wonder in the new, and in a sense the extreme, sometimes uncomfortable emotional commitment involved in relating to the culturally unfamiliar.

Changing to working largely with oils and acrylics has resulted in work of much greater vibrancy, and allowed the extreme emotional sensations in which he is interested to be committed more successfully to canvas. His work now strives to acknowledge both the positive and negative energies of life and how they inform our view of the world around us.

Janine Thompson
Living in Wales and having travelled and lived abroad, artist Jan Thompson's contemporary original palette is inspired by the visions and experiences of past and present. Eternally observing the natural and manmade environment leads to an original infusion of colour, texture and emotion within her originals.
The study of her B.Ed (Hons) course in Caerleon, where Art and Design were her major, encouraged her to create and show original use of media which culminated in a fourth year exhibition. This platform spring boarded Jan to inspire children in schools and to be requested to complete private contemporary and abstract commissions. Being self taught to a degree, and always having a desire to paint, finally led to Jan owning a studio after years of painting everywhere possible!
Jan will always be observing and learning in an effort to move forwards with her work and to be inspired by her beautiful surroundings.

Howard Jones

Although a professional Artist for over 5 years, Howard has only recently entered into the domain of public exhibitions.

His most recent works show a very conscious move away from his earlier influences in not just subject matter but perhaps more noticeably in style and technique. In this relatively short professional time Howard has already gained clients in the UK and abroad.
His favored medium is Watercolor for which he has an enormous passion. This is clearly reflected in his work alongside traditional materials; Howard is currently working on synthetic paper which offers a huge challenge to the Watercolorist as if the medium was not unpredictable enough to begin!

Despite not being able to accept an invitation to attend Cardiff Art College in 1978 there has only been the briefest of lapses in Howard’s commitment and dedication to his artistic progress. Although Howard subscribes very much to a practice, practice, practice philosophy, he still finds time to spend two days a week tutoring others in the way of watercolor and other media.

Howard’s immediate plans include exploring the medium of linocut and printmaking. This is sure to be perused with the same tireless enthusiasm that accompanies all of his undertakings. He hopes to unleash his first works in early 2013.He welcomes new opportunities to raise not only his profile but also in forging new professional relationships in the process.


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