Haiku Prelude - Haiku Kami 

17. Feb - 1. Mar 13 / ended POSK Gallery


10am - 9pm

Exhibition | Painting | London

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Ryota - Carolina Khouri

Ryota - Carolina Khouri

Haiku Prelude - Haiku Kami Project

Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami project is dedicated to the victims of the Great Eastern Tohoku Earthquake at 11 March 2011.
An exhibition of the project in POSK Gallery in 2013 will mark a second anniversary of the Great East Tohoku Earthquake in 2011. Last year on Sunday 11 March at 2.46pm the exhibition and series book was launched in Pop Up Gallery at South Kensington. Project supports Momo – Kaki Orphans Fund by donating proceeds from the publication. The artist hopes that the project will serve as an evolving memorial to those that suffered as a result of the March 2011 tragedies in Japan.

It is the first publication of it's kind and as such it has received support and encouragement from all the living authors, haiku whose is included in the project. The book also includes an introduction by Kuniharu Shimizu (haiku poet and haiga artist) and the foreword by President of the European Council
Mr Herman Van Rompuy (haiku poet).
The project ‘Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami’ has been reviewed by the British Haiku Society and recommended to the public and donors. The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and Polish Cultural Institute provided financial support for the publication and in 2012 Baltic Restaurant did sponsor the project.
Featured haiku poets:
Bashõ, Buson, Darek Brzóska Brzózkiewicz, David Cobb, Juan delGado, Caroline Gourlay, James William Hackett, Gary Hotham, Teiko Inahata, Issa, Jack Kerouac, Ezra Pound, Herman Van Rompuy, Ryõkan, Ryõta, Kuniharu Shimizu, Takaya Soshu, Takaha Shugyo, Alison Williams, Richard Wright, Goto Yahan,

Artist Statement
‘That evening, in the Rue Raynouard, I realised quite vividly that if I were a painter,
or if I had, often, that kind of emotion, or even if I had the energy to get paints and brushes and keep at it, I might found a new school of painting, of "non-representative" painting, a painting that would speak only by arrangements in colour.’ - Ezra Pound.
The moment as described by Ezra Pound did lead to his famous haiku “Metro”.

The project ‘Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami’ developed out of a series of paintings that reminded Carolina Khouri of haiku verse. After researching haiku further and discovering the quote by the poet Ezra Pound in his note about the moment, the encapsulating core idea for the project ‘Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami’ was conceived.
The’ Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami’ art series is inspired by traditional and contemporary Japanese and western haiku. It features 27 haiku coupled with an abstract paintings. Free of any intellectual analysis this intuitive approach makes a statement about the actual feelings expressed in each haiku.
The style used in the project is adapted from the painter Jaroslaw Kobylkiewicz who is responsible for originating this particular style and composition of painting.
Freshness and clarity of thoughts in haiku is radiant although it has grown through many layers. It is a process of simplifying an idea to an absolute point.
The complexity of each individual element of the paintings is built on other details to create a simple yet inseparable form and from this point the ‘Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami’ project started.

Carolina Khouri
Artist and Project Leader:
She is Polish - Lebanese artist, who lives in London, where she graduated as an interior designer from The University of the Arts London. In art she aimed at finding an expression and manner that her art can appear in its individual recognition and to define her own singular identity as an artist.
She is the ASC artist and artist in residence of Haringey Arts, which she facilitates. In 2011 she joined art group ‘Page 6’.
mob.0044 /0/ 780 9745 565

Publication sponsors:
The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
Polish Cultural Institute

Haringey Arts

Project supporters:
British Haiku Society
Studio AnD

Exhibition supporter 2013
POSK Gallery


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