The Devil's Work 

1. Feb - 20. Feb 13 / ended Matthews Yard

Sunday-Wednesday 9am-8pm, Thursday- Saturday 9am-11pm

Exhibition | Film / Video | London

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Artist Residency exhibition- Warren Andrews

Matthews Yard offers space and time for artists to test ideas and to develop new work in a particular context. The residency programme is focussed on the process of artistic production to enable and support developments in artistic practice.

The artist is given a space for three weeks presenting opportunities to research, develop and construct new work, and to engage the public with workshops and events. The space will be a temporary purpose built shell for the artist to work in. After three weeks the artist is offered the opportunity to curate an exhibition in the Cafe space at Matthews Yard to last for a further three weeks.

Warren Andrews, 'The Devils Work'.

Warren Andrews is one of the co-founders of the Wimbledon Maverick Film Unit (WMFU). The WMFU is a film making collective established in 2011 in collaboration with Dominic Letschka and Christopher Lawrence. The WMFU encourages its members to self produce all aspects of there films and to push against the idea that special knowledge and expertise is required to execute ambitious projects. The WMFU embraces the ethos of the Amateur, combing extreme ambition with low levels of skill, time and finance, to open a more creative and less precious approach to making films.

This was best exemplified during the WMFU's first project, a feature length Hollywood style biopic based on the life of George Clooney. With a very basic set of film making skills the Wimbledon Maverick Film Unit produced a 51 minute long film that chronicled the life of Clooney, making use of green screening and directing a cast of non actors.

Warren hopes to use his time undertaking the residency at Matthews Yard to complete another film project that keeps in line with the Wimbledon Maverick Film Units ethos. Using the format of a Blues music documentary, Warren hopes to create the first episode of a new documentary called, 'The Devils Work', that explores the Art world.

Some of Warren Andrews' others recent work includes, 'Modern Sexy Painters' an exhibition at The Brick Box and 'Food for Fish' a film collaboration with Declan Jenkins. Warren also runs an artistic research project in Tooting, called Time Ghost Gelato, which asks how artists can engage with there local community.

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