Takafumi Suzuki - Walk the path of light 

28. Jan - 11. Feb 13 / ended La Scatola

Tuesday - Friday, 11am - 6pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Takafumi Suzuki, Japanese artist and creator presents his first UK solo show. Takafumi has previously exhibited in the UK in a group exhibition, “ AETHER” at Charlie Dutton Gallery. This is his first UK solo exhibition and includes four new works alongside previous works.

Takafumi’s work encompasses sculptural clothes, lighting and painting on fabric and examines the increasingly blurred boundary between the artificial and natural as it appears in today’s culture and modern society. He believes that the existence of a fine gap between the artificial and the natural expresses challenging thoughts and unlimited brightness interactively through his works. Moreover, he would like to establish the pure connection between the artist and viewer alongside his works, location (gallery) and the fine gap.

He believes that this exhibition will provide the possibilities to open up a new vista for the future relations between the artificial and the natural and hopes that after presenting this exhibition people will realize how wonderful nature is through a combination of technological innovation and traditional craftsmanship. It will empower the unlimited ability of the young artist. Together, it can open up new ways of awareness to encourage something inside all of us (viewer).

This exhibition centers on how new ways of creativity can work together and continue to challenge our understanding of twenty – first century art. Also this exhibition can be seen as providing a huge opportunity in renewing interest in the interaction between art and design and to express the abilities of emerging artists. In this exhibition, strength in synergy, unity and individuality can be seen as the element nestled in between moments of uniqueness and extraordinariness, stimulating the viewer’s curiosity and imagination.


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