From Grimm to Reality: An exploration of imagination and storytelling in contemporary art 

11. Jan - 9. Feb 13 / ended Sidney Cooper Gallery


Opening Hours: 10:30 am – 5 pm Tuesday – Friday 11:30 am – 5 pm Saturday

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | South East

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Who Killed Cock Robin? II Paula Rego

Who Killed Cock Robin? II Paula Rego

Imagination and the tradition of storytelling, more specifically
the art of fantasy, fairytales and nursery rhymes is at the centre
of this exhibition. From Grimm to Reality showcases key works
such as David Hockney’s Illustrations for Six Fairy Tales from
the Brothers Grimm and Paula Rego’s nursery rhyme etchings
alongside Anya Gallaccio’s ever changing Preserve Beauty,
Ana Maria Pacheco’s Misfortunes of a Sardine and Susanna
Majuri’s fantastical photographic landscapes. The exhibition is
full of references to the imagery portrayed in childhood stories
and highlights the rich connection between imagination, the
familiar and storytelling in contemporary art. Other highlights
to the exhibition include Jane Edden’s Ideal Home sculptures
and Joel Ely’s Thinking Bear.

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