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15. Nov - 7. Dec 12 / ended Empty Shop

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Drink Me

Drink Me

Callout for submissions and participation

“DRINK ME” Event and Exhibition

You may have or know someone who has, languishing in a cupboard at home, strange and unknown bottles of alcohol or indeed, unusual non alcoholic brews. They are the kinds of bottle that turn up at a party, are bought whilst drunk on holiday or are a well-meaning present from friends. They invariably remain unopened.

If you have, we would like you to become a contributor to our event and exhibition by photographing your bottle following the instructions below:

1. Locate your bottle. Example on http://emptyshop.org/news/open-call-drink-me/.
2. Using white paper, write a couple of sentences about how you came to have it and print your name and location on the paper.
3. Place it behind the bottle, or lie the bottle on top, so the writing can be seen.
4. Take a good quality, lots of megapixels, digital photo.
5. Email it to drinkmeevent@rocketmail.com by 7th December.
6. Tell everyone you know about the project.

We will print off the work for the exhibition, and post information and photos of the event on the Empty Shop website. If you are unable to take your own photo, contact us to arrange to come down to Empty Shop.

If you would like to donate your bottle to the opening party/event on 14th December (you don’t have to to participate) please contact us on drinkmeevent@rocketmail.com to arrange to drop it off or send it.

This exhibition is open to all. Worldwide submissions welcome. Multiple submissions are allowed. No bottles containing animals, for obvious reasons.


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