Time-Chaos, Finding Balance 

2. Dec - 19. Dec 12 / ended The Atrium

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Exhibition | Painting | London

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Time-Chaos, Fnding Balance by John BIschoff

Artist Statement

"I work in a way that I will destroy and rework and rebalance. On that journey different elements have appeared and disappeared creating an evolving language which I hope to convey in this exhibition. At one stage words appeared, 'yes', creating a new pictorial space and reinventing how the picture is seen. The paint is not just a carrier of ideas. It is a creator in its own right.

The world breaks this down to create balance.
Rhythm is time.
My time is not a linear progression
Our thoughts mix time, events, past and present together .

One cannot have a thought without having a reference point to a past experience ,or a future one. So time is never linear; our mind perceives reality. The paintings are a resting point on that journey."

John Bischoff 2012


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