La Petite Muerte•••••

1. Nov - 11. Nov 12 / ended Drawers Gallery


Open Thursday - Sunday 6-9pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Adam Beale - The Thinker

Adam Beale - The Thinker

A group exhibition exploring contemporary notions of mortality, sex, rituals and icons. In celebration of Mexico’s Día de los Muertos – Day of the Dead.

Established and emerging artists exhibit alongside each other dealing with the dichotomy of creation and destruction.

Peter Ainsworth, Dave Anderson, Henrietta Armstrong, Keith Ball, Fiona Banner, Ruth Bartlett, Adam Beale, Tom Butler, David Chalkley, Angela Corcoran, Kevin Clarke, David R Fenwick, Caro Halford, Kirsty Harris, Sarah Jacobs, Ben Jamie, Joshua Knowles, Abigail Lingford, Karolina Magnusson-Murray, Ros Maprayil, Hugh Mendes, Moorland Productions, Julia Miranda, Tracy Neal, Jane Oldfield, Luca Ortis, Charley Peters, David Porter, Mark Scott-Wood, Patricia Shrigley, Paul Stanley, Susanna Thornton, Ventiko, Jemma Watts, Sarah West & Lucy Woodhouse.

Live performances on the opening night from Karolina Magnusson-Murray & Mark Scott-Wood.

There will be a publication of the exhibition available to purchase online go to - for more details.

Upstairs at The Haggerston - Charity Chilli cook off , with The Woolf Disk Jockeying until late.

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Contact Kirsty Harris - with any press enquiries.

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Can't wait to see La Petite Muerte up on the walls!

by Kirsty Harris 19.10.12 14:37

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Sex and death...?! see you there!

by Kitten 31.10.12 14:35

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