Brains: the Mind as Matter•••••

29. Mar - 17. Jun 12 / ended Wellcome Collection


Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat: 10-18, Thurs: 10-22, Sun: 11-18

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Helen Pynor, Headache, 2008 (detail)

Helen Pynor, Headache, 2008 (detail)

'Brains' asks not what our brains do for us, but what we have done to brains.

Wellcome Collection's major new exhibition looks at the most complex entity in the known universe. Featuring real brains, artworks, manuscripts, artefacts, videos and photography, 'Brains' follows the long quest to manipulate and decipher this most exceptional and mysterious human organ, whose secrets continue to confound and inspire.

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by ulalume 15.06.12 14:29

Like most of the Wellcome Collection exhibitions, this is another essential viewing. Combining Medical Science and Art in always innovative ways, they are still on the forefront of current curating practises. Special attention is deserved on the little area dedicated to the Nazi Euthanasia Program.


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