9. Aug - 26. Aug 07 / ended Gasworks

Thurs evenings, (7pm -9pm) events inspired by selected posters. Exhibition continues 12 - 6pm, Fri-Sun.

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Adam Latham, Ambitions F'them what can afford it, A2

Adam Latham, Ambitions F'them what can afford it, A2

Stick*Stamp*Fly looks into posters as a means to communicate an event, an opinion or a rumour, as well as objects of design in their own right.

Selected from an open submission, the posters share a high level of inventiveness, whether in the message or the design. By giving equal attention to content and form, Stick*Stamp*Fly brings together graphic and communication design, music, advertising and art.

Stick*Stamp*Fly is both an exhibition and a stage for events informed by some of the submissions. The exhibition features over eighty posters by a variety of practitioners across the UK, many of whom previously unknown to Gasworks. While some posters act as a vehicle for uncanny proposals and projects, others vary from celebrating “chintz” to announcing products and services of the future. Rather than thematic, the display is the result of a free-association game proposed by Åbäke (one of the selectors) and played between the selectors and the show’s organisers.

The two events are mainly inspired by six of the exhibited posters. Both events set up unique situations by which the content of these posters are animated, and in some cases realised for the first time, transforming Gasworks’ exhibition space into a festival of interventions.

Stick*Stamp*Fly is the second in a series of open submission projects at Gasworks following the success of Blink, which invited applications from the field of animation during summer 2006.

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