Keeping it Real: An Exhibition in Four Acts: Act 4: Material Intelligence

18. Mar - 22. May 11 / ended Whitechapel Gallery


Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Rivane Neuenschwander, Contingent 1

Rivane Neuenschwander, Contingent 1

The final display from the D. Daskalopoulos Collection, Greece, brings together works by eleven artists who use a wide range of images to forge a direct link between art and everyday life.

Martin Kippenberger combines calendar reproductions of iconic Pop Art works with cut outs from a German nudist magazine whereas Arturo Herrera’s abstract collages incorporate segments of his own comic-inspired paintings. Paul Chan’s black-and-white images and Seth Price’s wall-mounted silhouettes both give material form to the space between objects.

Kelley Walker’s brick ‘painting’ printed onto newspaper acts like a time capsule whereas Gabriel Kuri’s standards made from emergency blankets combine lightness of touch with astute political awareness. A similar sense of humour also characterises Rivane Neuenschwander’s video of ants devouring a map of the world and Gabriel Orozco’s fake tree, each leaf of which carries a paper moon.

Sam Durant’s graffiti of a famous 1968 slogan on a large mirror reflects on the link between avant-garde art and revolutionary politics, while Ester Partegàs exposes the overbearing omnipresence of consumer culture. This show offers a rare opportunity to see two works by Cady Noland, whose US flag drooped across a Zimmer frame and life-size image of a cowboy perforated by holes explore the iconographies of power.

Keeping it Real is part of the Gallery’s ongoing programme providing a platform for important but rarely seen public and private collections.

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unfortunately the whole series seems to keep dissapointing me

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