Never The Same River (Possible Futures, Probable Pasts): selected by Simon Starling 

10. Dec - 20. Feb 11 / ended Camden Arts Centre


Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Hampstead Central Library, Reference Room (now Gallery 3), 1950s

Hampstead Central Library, Reference Room (now Gallery 3), 1950s

Camden Arts Centre is delighted to present a new exhibition curated by British artist Simon Starling, the latest in a series of artist-selected shows.

After completing a residency at the Centre in 1999, Starling returned in 2000 with a solo show. He was the winner of the Turner Prize in 2005. This exhibition, entitled Never The Same River (Possible Futures, Probable Pasts), will pick up on ideas and methods used by the artist in his own work and is inspired by the writings of Jorges-Luis Borges and George Kubler. It aims to create a temporal cacophony by orchestrating a series of collisions between spatially and historically remote works, that themselves push and pull at an understanding of linear time.

Conflating works already exhibited at Camden Art Centre during the past five decades, the works in Starling's exhibition will be installed in the exact position they occupied the first time around. These fragments of the Centre's history will be staged alongside images, ideas and forms projected as a possible future programme: the probable past and possible future of Camden Arts Centre momentarily coming together in an unstable present.

Never The Same River will redeploy fragments of exhibitions such as Hampstead in the 30s (1975), Photography into Art (1973), Environments Reversals (1969) as well as a number of previous artist-selected exhibitions by Susan Hiller, richard Wentworth and Steven Claydon. Exhibited artists will include Francis Alÿs, Francis Bacon, Keith Coventry, Graham Gussin, Douglas Huebler, Hilma Af Klimt, David Lamelas, Jacques Monory, Mike Nelson and Katja Strunz.

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