4. Sep - 18. Sep 14 / ended The Darnley Gallery


M-F 11-17:30 - until 20:00 T,W,T

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Iridescent colours change when viewed from different angles. In terms of artistic practice this suggests an appreciation of context, mutability and fragmentation as well as a certain exquisiteness. The artists in the exhibition work in a variety of diffe

Johanna Kwiat: "Truth has to be tampered with because it always is. Beauty has to be tampered with because it always is."

Fiona Wallace: " Visualising identity? You're the product of on-going conversation of people around you, about you. Somehow, then, from inside to out"

Louise Harrison explores her practice through video and photography. Her video work and imagery are subtle and can feel like the documentation of a memory or the preservation of a moment'
Jane Musgrove works with mark-making, repetition and process-based drawing that seeks to visually represent an inhabitation of time

Sara Wannop is a painter whose work refers to landscape, found images and memory as well as historical painterly techniques

Nesha McKinley's work is primarily an exploration of the definitions and functions of ceramic repair and is influenced by the ‘make- do repairs of the past as well as the Japanese Aesthetic appreciation.

The artists in the exhibition make up a group in that they see each other regularly in order to discuss work, share ideas, provide support and dole out criticism. For them art production is something that has to take place alongside contact with other artists.

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