Next Brave New World 

16. Aug - 20. Sep 14 / ended ARBEIT


from 12 to 6pm

Exhibition | Design | London

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Selections of projects engaged with the cultural and social impacts of technology

Arebyte gallery is happy to present ‘Next Brave New World’, an exhibition featuring a selection of projects from graduates of the Royal College of Art which engage with the cultural and social impacts of technology. The projects all inspect different aspects of possible future scenarios through the lens of speculative design, technological developments and social and political narratives.

Echoing Aldus Huxley, the show ‘Next Brave New World’ is asking to look at the gaps between utopian and dystopian circumstances and asks us to re-examine the processes leading to the construction and de-construction of these fantastic worlds, and aims to create a thread which observe the role of the individual as part of different agencies such as society, nature, capital, happiness and culture.

The featured projects raise questions such as:
What is happiness and must we achieve it?
Must governments change to accommodate new needs and desires?
How will vanity and hedonism evolve with our use of technology?
Can we create new forms of life to enhance our experience of nature?
And how might our concepts of space and time change as we look past our own Life times and undertake to design this Next Brave New World?

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