Alex Tyrrell '10 Empty Boxes' 

26. Aug - 16. Sep 14 / ended The Vaults Gallery


11.00 - 19.00

Exhibition | Installation | London

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Alex Tyrrell is a composer and artist who seeks to eschew the norms of musical performance and production by developing interactive and integrated mixed-media presentations for his compositions. '10 Empty Boxes' is his first public exhibition, presenting his themes of nonlinear musical composition and spatial experimentation in the form of a surround-sound audio installation.

The installation comprises of a four-channel sound environment with ten boxes placed on a table at the center: visitors to the gallery are invited to interact with the audio installation by opening and closing any combination of
boxes, shaping the composition into a unique form. In this capacity, the installation and its components take on a metaphorical and contemplative quality for each visitor as they construct and deconstruct the seemingly
limitless arrangement. Taking place at The Vaults Gallery, this installation will benefit from the unique aesthetic and acoustics of its underground location.

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