Urban Angles 

31. Jul - 12. Aug 14 / ended Espacio Gallery

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Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Urban Angles

Espacio Gallery is delighted to present ‘Urban Angles’; where there are cities there are artists...and no city is complete without its galleries, music venues and literary culture.

‘Urban Angles’ draws on the differing creative backgrounds of nineteen artists who use an eclectic mix of media, print, paints, illustration, graphics, photography and sculpture.

The artistic heritage of a city is created and shaped by the artists who live and work there; this exhibition reveals the city as a hub which enables the cross-pollination of multiple ideas and cultures.

In the same way that the city provides each individual with the anonymity to ‘’be themselves’’, ‘Urban Angles’ offers each artist within the collective the opportunity to present and express their unique and individual perspective of the urban environment.

Represented artists:

Rosa Cives, Ana Cockerill, Jo Colvert, Dauguet, Carlos de Lins, Julie Eccles, Paul Flint, Sarah Fosse, Nina Harma, Michael Hutchison, Raymond Isaac, Juli Jana, Lisa Kreuziger, Elspeth Penfold, Jane Price, Joao Trindade, Erika Wengenroth, Edward Winters, Ann Witters

Organised by Carlos de Lins


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