Chang Fee Ming - A Traveller’s Diary 

24. Jun - 4. Jul 14 / ended La Galleria Pall Mall

24.6. - 4.7.2014 10.30am - 6.00pm weekdays 10.30am - 3.30pm Saturdays

Exhibition | Painting | London

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Summoned by the Kulkul - Chang Fee Ming

Summoned by the Kulkul - Chang Fee Ming

Chang Fee Ming - A Traveller’s Diary

A Traveller’s Diary (A Private Collection) is the first solo
exhibition in London of works by the celebrated Malaysian
watercolour artist Chang Fee Ming (b.1959).
Around forty works from the private collection of Daniel
Komala, founder of Larasati Auctioneers and art gallery
One East Asia, Singapore, are being shown in this
non-selling exhibition. Alongside the collection there are
three specially commissioned large watercolours and
more than 10 smaller paintings and drawings, all of which
are available to purchase.

Fee Ming’s subject matter is the lives and culture of the
ordinary working people of rural Southeast Asia: members
of remote communities whose traditional ways of life are
threatened with extinction; the fishermen and their families
in the coastal villages of peninsular Malaysia; or the inhabitants
of Bali enjoying the ceremonies that have formed the framework
of life on the island for generations.
Daniel Komala started the collection in 1993, when first saw
Chang Fee Ming’s work hanging in the Bamboo Gallery, Bali.
Over the twenty intervening years it has grown to include the
large, almost luminously coloured and intricate figurative works
for which Fee Ming is most widely known, as well as watercolour
sketches, and pen and ink drawings on envelopes that Fee Ming
has posted to Daniel during their two decades of friendship.

A book to accompany the exhibition, A Traveller’s Diary (2014)
has been published by One East Asia, Singapore, and will be
available to order at the exhibition.

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