Kate McMillan 'The Potter's Field' 

4. Jul - 13. Jul 14 / ended Acme Project Space


1pm to 6pm, Thursday to Sunday

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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In this exhibition Kate McMillan uses film, photography, sculpture and sound to excavate the residue and ruins of place and memory.

This exhibition features the residue of images and sounds that have been traced and collected from sites associated with symbolic early memories, including a naturally occurring clay field next to the artists childhood home, a decaying Roman castle and the sodden clay cliffs along a beach on the Isle of Wight. These residues have been manipulated and intuited into a series of small sculptures that suggest the shape and form of anxiety and heaviness. Importantly the work emphasises the use of hands as a way to mark presence and evidence the traces of self. The work includes a two-part film that mirrors the artists hands during studio play and the hands of percussionists and object players in the London Improvisers Orchestra during a recording for another of McMillan’s work that took place at the Rivolli Ballroom in SE London. Parallels are made between playing instruments and making sculptural objects and the Proustian association with memory triggers. Sound has long been a key component in McMillan’s work as it defines the emotionally reading of her work. On opening night a series of vignettes will be performed by members of the London Improvisers Orchestra. These performances will be recorded and will provide the foundation for subsequent work. This process highlights the linkages between informing, creating and playing as new ideas evolve, incorporating them into the presentation of work. The exhibition will be accompanied by a small catalogue with text by Elizabeth Stanton.

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