Rose Frain: This Time in History, What Escapes•••••

9. Jul - 1. Feb 15 / ends in 132 days Victoria and Albert Museum

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10.00 to 17.45 daily 10.00 to 22.00 Fridays

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Rift, Rose Frain 2014

Rift, Rose Frain 2014

Rose Frain: This Time in History, What Escapes: an installation as a contribution the V&A's reflections on the centenary of WW1. National Art Library Landing.

THIS TIME IN HISTORY, WHAT ESCAPES features objects the artist has selected from the V&A’s collections, together with objects she has made and/or found, including her new artist's book, CLEAVE, as a total work. The historical focus on WW1 is widened to include other sites of conflict from ancient Mesopotamia to contemporary Egypt and Afghanistan.

As if the world should cleave, and that slain men
Should solder up the rift ...
William Shakespeare, Antony & Cleopatra.

Curated for the V&A by Elizabeth James, Senior Librarian Department of Word and Image.

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Artefacts and art

by Shanna C 07.07.14 20:50

Really looking forward to this - will be very interesting to see choice of artefacts and interpretation with the artist's made objects.

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This must not escape your attention I SPEAK AGAIN!

by Guy Mullin 23.07.14 12:14

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The archive transmutes the shudder of war

by Althea 23.07.14 18:11

This is a display that makes you write things like that. Rose Frain draws on the intellectual pursuit of gazing into a museum display case to ambush complacency. 3D printing brings objects of war from the archive into dialogue with a manufactured, mass-produced present and the horror of replication. But she also finds the words - so that between the archive and the artist book the contemplation of war becomes a short sharp "now!" - amongst other things - "this time".

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by Massimo Reniero 23.07.14 20:54

I think Rose Frain is a refined intellectual artist as her works in V&A.

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Fragments that tell us a story of war through time

by Shanna C 30.08.14 14:06

Well worth a visit. Subtle, many layered and quietly moving. Time spent in contemplation will be rewarded by new insights into our long, long history of conflict.

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