Forty Eight Degrees 

19. Jun - 23. Jun 14 / ended Truman Brewery


Fri - Sun: 10am till 7pm Mon: 10am till 4pm

Exhibition | Photography | London

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UCA Farnham Photography Degree Show

“Photographs fix a moment in time; they measure the world. A ‘degree’ is a field of vision, a unit of temperature – both gauge our environment, offering a barometer of our time. ‘Degree zero’ is a term coined to consider constituent elements of both writing and photography; to seek a fundamental state through examining provenance, it resets the clock, establishing a new beginning.

Photography is often defined through contrast and paradox to assist our understanding of its vast spectrum. Its differences are not always as stark as they first appear. Its manifestations are distinguished by seemingly endless degrees of separation. Each one represents a shift in perception of the world, a measurably distinct view.

48 Degrees is nominally a collective point of origin. Photography’s moments are borrowed from the past, the present demands we consider ‘degree’ as a level of severity; the impact some thing or someone has on their environment, to consider their ability to fix the world.”

Matt Lindsey, Spring 2014

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