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FAULTY TOWERS - Artists: Elise Buddle, Cassette Lord, Archi Ram, Zee Zee 22, Funky Red Dog. Musicians: Partial Facsimile, Two Silhouettes.

In this art exhibition, titled ‘Faulty Towers’,

a diverse group of artists and musicians have

come together to investigate how art, music

and other creative genres incorporate

structures and systems that have direct

parallels with architecture. Towers have

become a re-occurring building type in

virtually every major city around the world.

These often begin life as shiny and

glamorous icons but after a time, unforeseen

constructional and planning defects

sometimes render them unusable - they may

even have to undergo major refurbishment

or need to be completely demolished. Thus

towers often represent both a celebration

and disillusionment about mankind's future.

The creative works that are being displayed

are a mixture of both serious and humorous pieces,

that attempt to engage with the

common underpinnings found in nature and

the environment, with the structural,

mathematical and proportioning systems of

the man-made world. Some of the artists

propose elegant and perhaps impossible new

construction or sometimes deconstruction,

whilst others combine ad-hoc marks, or

hybrid and collaged shapes which mimic

natural generative and regenerative

processes. In this exhibition each artist

explores their own personal reaction to this theme,

leaving the viewer to ponder their

own, inevitably uncertain future

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