'Post Every Thing' // Ray Martin, Aaron Rawcliffe, Jordan Smith, Karolina Zglobicka 

16. May - 30. May 14 / ended Bureau

Open 8am - 6pm, Monday - Friday. And By Appointment.

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'Post Every Thing' // Ray Martin, Aaron Rawcliffe, Jordan Smith, Karolina Zglobicka

Bureau is pleased to announce 'Post Every Thing', an exhibition of new works by Ray Martin, Aaron Rawcliffe, Jordan Smith, and Karolina Zglobicka, at 3 Hardman Square.

“Exploring our world though visual language and interpretation. Working without barriers and not conceding to the Ism after abstraction. A world where Google is god and the human is a slave to the cogs and machines, a post human world, questions answered with a click of a button, a swipe of a screen. Post culture.”

Ray Martin’s paintings stem from a desire to travel, an interest in exotic landscapes. Yet his works are not representational of real places, but of second source imagery available as a result of this century’s technological advances. The intense colour and forms created within his landscapes highlight this, as they are intuitively abstracted from his own reality in a consumerist world.

Aaron Rawcliffe creates a visual language that responds to, and functions within, a digitised western society. Through the consumption and editing of mass and popular imagery, investment of spirituality, and imagination, combined with personal understanding of motif, colour and shape, he creates work that offers and entices an individual and creative visual conversation. Working in a physical manner within the realm of the digital, Rawcliffe seeks to balance and harmonise the digital, physical, and mental spaces we occupy, to provide a new space of creative contemplation.

Jordan Smith’s works are a conversation with surface, colour and layer, the process of making marks, addition and subtraction, and subtle disruptions. Through this process, Smith questions the dimensions and physicality of painting, and the middle ground between the two and three-dimensional. His work operates in the space between, toying with possibilities of composition, display and presentation. The physical aspects of the work are married to his process of production; using household gloss paint and oil instinctively applied directly to the surface, he mirrors the temporal and instant nature of the modern world, the ‘now’.

Karolina Zglobicka’s work explores the balance between meaning and explanation, vision and gesture, word and unspoken thought. She seeks to express that which is missed in everyday translation. Ambiguities, shadows, hidden pieces of reality, are all explored through use of reflections, distorted perspectives, and repetitive motifs. Collaging layers of colour and shape, marks and movements, past and future, and transforming the way she sees and interprets paint as a medium, Zglobicka seeks to create worlds from recontextualised emotive and visual associations.







3 Hardman Square is owned by Credit Suisse Asset Management (EuroReal Fund), advised by Müller International. Designed by Foster and Partners, with a recently refurbished ground floor designed by AEW Architects, it is one of Manchester’s prime city centre properties located at the heart of the acclaimed Spinningfields business district. Bureau is pleased to be working with CBRE and Müller International at 3 Hardman Square in an innovative arts and business partnership to support Art in Manchester. // www.credit-suisse.com // www.muller-london.com // www.cbre.co.uk


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