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24. Apr - 25. May 14 / ended neo:

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11am - 5pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | North

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neo:studios is pleased to announce the opening of a pioneering exhibition, “Exploring Boundaries” in Gallery 22, the Market Place, Bolton.

The exhibition runs from 24th April until 25th May 2014 and the gallery is open from 11.00 until 5.00 on Thursday to Sunday. You are warmly invited to the preview which is from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm on Saturday 26th April.

“Exploring Boundaries” brings together an invited group of diverse national and international artists working at the interface of traditional and digital art to produce innovative and exciting works. The exhibition shows how the use of digital techniques can stimulate the creative process in addition to being an important method of reproduction. This collection of vibrant artwork together with insights into the creative process presented by the individual artists is thought provoking and inspiring, enhancing the understanding and exploration of creativity.

Two of the artists will be giving talks about the exhibition to which college students are especially invited. Keith Brown, Professor of Sculpture at MMU School of Art will be speaking about, ‘Digital Sculpture and 3D Printing’ from 1.00 to 2.00 pm on Thursday 1st May and John Haworth, Visiting Research Fellow at MMU talks about, ‘The Creative Process in Exploring Boundaries’ from 1.00 to 2.00 pm on Thursday 15th May.

The exhibition is also an opportunity for all visitors to the Market Place to enjoy the many stimulating works and the printed Statements on Creativity produced by artists Sandra Bouguerch, Keith Brown, Tim Dolphin, Paul Edmondson, Sharon Forrest, Ben Harding, John Haworth, Amanda McAllister, Jordan L. Rodgers, Ben Skea, Paul Thompson, Paul Uhlmann and Lucie Wilson.

Contact julie.levy@neoartists.co.uk for press enquiries(07789 725753)


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Excellent Digital Exhibition

by Sandra Bouguerch 23.04.14 22:53

A diverse display of digital artworks from the UK and Internationally.

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Collective Print

by John Haworth 15.05.14 7:34

Come today, Thursday 15 May at 1.00 pm to the Artist's Talk and make a collective Hands On digital print.

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ArtRabbit Team 

Sounds great, if your in Bolton definitely worth a visit

by ArtRabbit Team 15.05.14 11:31

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by Tim Dolphin 15.05.14 11:46

This is a serious look at the creative range of the new world of
digital art. There is some very good and innovative work here

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by Lucie Wilson 15.05.14 17:32

Some very innovative artwork. Well worth a visit

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